Octoclient: A bookmarklet for all your needs.

Octoclient v1.2.6100

Step 1: drag this link to your bookmark bar:
Octoclient v1.2.6100

Step 2:
click on it

Step 3:
follow this guide to use avalible functions:
py(a, b): (a: int, b: int): Use pythagorean theorem where a and b are lengths of the shorter sides in right triangle.
sqrt(a): (a: int): get square root of a
rand(a, b): (a: int, b: int): random number between a and b
mean(a, b, c, …): (all: int): get mean of all numbers
mad(a, b, c, …): (all: int): get mean absolute deviation of all numbers

snow(): Let it snow

tab(a): (a: str): change the title of current page.
create(a): (a: doc || slides): creates new google doc or slides in new page
source(): (): creates html source map of selected content, or if nothing selected, whole page
cookie(): (): remove all cookies from current page
revimg(): (): remove all images on current page
adblock(): (): removes all ads on current page
font(): (): open font checker
share(): (): share current page to social media

This can also be used as a normal 1-message 1-responce javascript console.